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Hi, Everyone!

 投稿者:Mr. Kikuchi  投稿日:2007年 8月21日(火)23時40分49秒
  How are you? How about your summer vacation?
By the way, do you know the Web-site (BBC) “きくっつぁん”? Just now, I uploaded the result of the trial test (7月進研模試)on the site. If you want, please go and see the site. (http://6326.teacup.com/tawagoto/bbs )

My respect person

 投稿者:ONE  投稿日:2007年 7月21日(土)18時45分3秒
  My respect person is Angera Aki.
She is a singer.
She writes a song by oneself and composes it.And she song to her own piano accompaniment.
I think that she is a great singer.

To NO.11

 投稿者:Mr. Kikuchi  投稿日:2007年 7月17日(火)12時07分18秒
  Hi. NO.11! Thank you for answering my topic.
King Kazu was a hero in J-league especially in 1990s. He contributed to organaizing J-league and popularizing soccer around Japan. I also think he is great.

To No.10

 投稿者:Mr. Kikuchi  投稿日:2007年 7月17日(火)11時55分21秒
  Hi. No.10! Thank you for your comment.
Dr. Noguchi is a great person whom many Japanese respect. I went to his memorial museum in Hukushima when I was a pupil. It was a school excursion of my elementary school. Have you been there?
I respect not only Dr.Noguchi but also his mother, Shika. How about you?

I like soccer

 投稿者:NO.11  投稿日:2007年 7月15日(日)17時12分29秒
  MY respect person is  "KING Kazu" !!!!
He is 40 years old. But he is play soccer in J1.
He is very cool!  I like him very much.

My respect person

 投稿者:No.10  投稿日:2007年 7月14日(土)20時11分26秒
  That person is Hideyo Noguchi. He is person who found a pathogen. I think it's a very great thing. So,I respect he.  

New Topic!

 投稿者:Mr. Kikuchi  投稿日:2007年 7月12日(木)02時25分2秒
  I'm very sorry for uploading New Topic late.

New Topic: Who is the person that you respect? And please tell us that reason.

Please write your comments about the topic by July 21st.


 投稿者:Mr. Kikuchi  投稿日:2007年 7月12日(木)02時21分18秒
  I'm very sorry for answering you!

To no.10
Harry Potter seems interesting. I haven't read it yet. I hear the book is more interesting than that movie. Right?

To takachan
I know the title, but I haven't read it. You really like reading very much, don't you? So you are good at Japanese, I think.

To no.11
Books by Sidney Sheldon were very popular especially in 1990s. I probably read one of his books, but I forgot that title. Anyway, I would often read various detective novels. I like Japanese detective stories.

What is that "miracle?"
You like not only interesting but also serious stories, don't you? Recently I have not had time, but I would like to read touched stories.

To Hisayo
I heard the author for the first time. That title is abstract and symbolic. I want to know the concrete content. I also read books that make me fine.

This week's Topic!!!

 投稿者:Mr. Kikuchi  投稿日:2007年 6月27日(水)00時01分36秒
Only a few students have written about the favorite books. So I will want you to write about your favorite book again. Students who have finished writing about it don't have to write this week.


My favorite book

 投稿者:Hisayo  投稿日:2007年 6月24日(日)16時35分47秒
  My favorite book is “colorful”.
It was wrriten by Eto Mori.
Its story is very interesting.

The book makes me fine!